Isaac Singer

Isaac Singer's Inventions

Isaac Singer invented “Sewing Machine”

An inventor, actor and entrepreneur by profession, Isaac Meritt Singer, was born on October 27th, 1811 in Pittstown, New York. He was born to Adam Singer and Ruth Benson and had a sister named Elizabeth Singer.  At a young age of 12 he left home with the least education and started working as an unskilled laborer. He then took up apprenticeship as a mechanic and this was the time when his interest as an actor developed. He was on tour for 9 years and during this time he went penniless and the group was disbanded.

Soon Singer realized that he is losing interest in acting and started work as apprentice mechanics. In 1839, Singer proved himself as an inventor when he invented a rock-drilling machine for the government. Ten years later he invented a wood and metal carving machine and established his own factory to manufacture his products. Even that did not go well for him and his factory was destroyed in an explosion.

Isaac is known well for his invention of the Singer sewing machine. The sewing machine was patented before by other inventors but his machine was more practical and could be adapted to home use. The Singer sewing machine became the first home product and the company became America’s first multinational company. The idea of this invention struck his mind in 1850, when his boss at a machine shop asked him to fix a machine. That thumped him and he constructed a superior model. His design included a presser foot which enabled a speed of 900 stitches per minute. He then wanted to file for a patent but his design had implantation of the basic rules of Elias Howe’s sewing machine, Howe sued him for plagiarism and won the case. In 1857, he partnered with New York lawyer, Edward Clark and I.M. Singer & Co. was born. Over the years the company grew and touched the skies of success. Just in three years the company became the biggest sewing machine manufacturer in the world. By 1863 the company had acquired a total of 22 patents.  Isaac Singer along with his partner was successful in manufacturing a sewing machine affordable by all. A decade later they launched its first ever overseas factory in Glasgow, Scotland.

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