Scottish Inventors

John Napier's Inventions

John Napier

John Napier was a Scottish mathematician and astronomer, best known for the invention of logarithms. He was born into the Scottish nobility in 1550

John Logie Baird's Inventions

John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird was a Scottish inventor and one of the pioneers of the invention of television. Baird was born in 1888 in Helensburgh, Scotland, and was the youngest child of the Reverend John Baird and Jessie Morrison Inglis.

James Watt's Inventions

James Watt

James Watt was a Scottish inventor, best known for improvements made to the Newcomen steam engine invented by Thomas Newcomen in 1712.

James Clerk Maxwell Inventions

James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell, a Scottish Physicist, was born in Edinburgh on June 13th, 1831. He was the only child to John Clerk, his father, who also was a lawyer by profession and mother, Frances, his first teacher.

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