British Inventors

Trevor Baylis's Inventions

Trevor Baylis

Trevor Baylis is a British inventor best known for inventing the windup radio more than 20 years ago. He was born in London in 1937 and received his education at North Primary School in Middlesex.

Tim Berners-Lee's Inventors

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee (formally Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee) is the inventor of the World Wide Web. He was born in Britain on June 8th, 1955 and graduated from Oxford University with a first-class honors degree in Physics.

Thomas Crapper's Inventions

Thomas Crapper

Thomas Crapper’s contributions to modern hygiene and sanitation make him a significant and remarkable figure in history. Born in Yorkshire 1836, he was the founder of Thomas Crapper & Co in London.

Richard Trevithick's Inventions

Richard Trevithick

Richard Trevithick was a British engineer of the eighteenth century, widely believed to have invented the world’s first steam locomotive.

Joseph Swan's Inventions

Joseph Swan

Sir Joseph Wilson Swan was a British scientist of the 19th and early 20th centuries, who is famous for inventing the incandescent light bulb.

John Venn's Inventions

John Venn

John Venn was a renowned British mathematician and logician of the 19th century. He is most well remembered for the standardization and widespread use of “Venn diagrams” in the study of probability and statistics, logic and computer science.

John Barber's Inventions

John Barber

John Barber was an English inventor of the 18th century. He is most well known for inventing a gas turbine. Not much is known about his personal life, other than that he was born in 1734 in Nottinghamshire.

Henry Bessemer's Inventions

Henry Bessemer

Sir Henry Bessemer was a British engineer and inventor who is most well known for devising a cheap process of manufacturing steel. Bessemer was born in 1813 in Charlton, Hertfordshire, England.

Frank Whittle's Inventions

Frank Whittle

Sir Frank Whittle was a British pilot, aviation engineer and inventor of the 20th century who is best known for the invention of the jet engine.

Frank Hornby's Inventions

Frank Hornby

Frank Hornby was one of the most famous British toymakers of the 20th century, and is widely remembered for his three most popular toy lines i.e. Hornby Model Railways, Dinkys and Meccano. Hornby was born in 1863 in Liverpool, England.

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