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How to Patent an Idea

The world’s greatest minds came up with indispensable inventions time and again that would revolutionize the world.

Famous Black Inventors

10 Most Famous Black Inventors and Their Inventions

In spite of the suffering and pain that they went through, during a time when blacks were legally discriminated against, and not given a right to a proper education or professional employment, there were those with the conviction to reach new heights.

Wright brothers's Inventions

Wright brothers

Orville and Wilbur Wright, known famously as the Wright Brothers, were American pioneers in the field of aviation and are recognized for inventing and building the world’s first successful airplane and making the first human flight in 1903.

William Shockley's Inventions

William Shockley

William Bradford Shockley Jr. was an American physicist and inventor who won the Nobel Prize for co-inventing the transistor. Shockley was born on 13 Febuary 1910 in London, but his parents were American and he grew up in California.

Wilhelm Röntgen's Inventions

Wilhelm Röntgen

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was a German scientist, best known for his discovery of X-rays and being the recipient of the first Nobel Prize in Physics.

Werner von Siemens's Inventions

Werner von Siemens

Werner Von Siemens was a German inventor who made remarkable contributions to the fields of electronics and engineering. Born in Prussia (now a part of Germany) in 1816, he was the fourth of fourteen children.

Walt Disney's Inventions

Walt Disney

Walt Disney (formally Walter Elias Disney) was an American cartoonist, animator, producer, director and voice actor, best known for inventing memorable characters such as Mickey Mouse and establishing The Walt Disney empire.

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